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At Atlee Hall, we focus on tackling the tough cases that other lawyers can’t. Relying on the creativity, professionalism, and experience of our team, we help our clients attain justice and hold negligent organizations accountable, ultimately making our community safer for everyone. Though we’re based in the city of Lancaster, we’ve represented clients from the entire state of Pennsylvania.

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What Makes Us

01 Innovative & Creative Approaches

We don’t simply assemble evidence to build a case. We go further, using outside-the-box approaches to build a winning case. Bi-weekly focus groups, connecting with unique expert witnesses, and dynamic trial presentations are just a few of the innovative techniques we use to ensure results.

02 Proven Experience, Proven Results

With over three decades practicing in Lancaster and the surrounding region, we understand what it takes to win tough cases in Central PA courtrooms. In fact, we won the largest-ever medical malpractice verdict in York County, as well as the largest-ever personal injury verdict in Lancaster County.

03 Nationally-Recognized
Thought Leadership

Our attorneys have been granted honors and awards at local, state, and national levels by various professional organizations. Furthermore, we frequently share cutting-edge practices and professional insights with other trial lawyers at conferences and seminars around the country.


Atlee Hall is proud to support a number of local, non-profit organizations whose missions and values align with our own: making our community a safer, healthier, and more inclusive place to live and work. We invite you to learn more about each of these programs and our involvement by clicking on the logos below or following us on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Proud Supporter of Girls on the Run
The Extraordinary Give
Music for Everyone
Race Against Racism
Lancaster Water Week
The Common Wheel
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Case Study

Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals save lives daily. However, at times, negligence can cause harm leading to unnecessary health complications or death. In these unfortunate cases, it takes an expansive knowledge of how malpractice works to achieve justice.

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