What Is a Defective Car Seat?

Young children are too small to be adequately secured and protected by traditional seat belts and airbags. A car seat is installed in a vehicle’s back seat to keep a child safe based on their height and weight.

As children grow, they move from a rear-facing car seat to a forward-facing seat, then to a booster seat, before reaching an appropriate height and weight for seat belts.

A defective car seat with a design flaw or manufacturing error doesn’t offer the protection it promises in a serious car accident. The consequences of a car seat defect can be catastrophic. The infant or young child in the car seat faces a higher risk of injury and, in some cases, death in a crash.

Reports of Defective Car Seats

There’s no telling how many parents have unknowingly purchased defective car seats. However, we know from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that many manufacturers have recalled car seats for various defects in recent years. Those manufacturers include:

  • Baby Trend, Inc.
  • Britax Child Safety, Inc.
  • Combi USA, Inc.
  • Diono
  • Dorel China America, Inc.
  • Evenflow Company, Inc.
  • ForB dba WAYB
  • Graco Children’s Products, Inc.
  • Kiddy USA
  • Merritt Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Recaro Child Safety, LLC

Settlements for Defective Car Seat Lawsuits

We have worked with many parents who tragically learn about their child’s car seat defect after a crash.

Some parents are unaware of a defect until a thorough investigation into the crash and their child’s injuries is performed. We work with parents who know or suspect the car seat failed and need to understand why.

If we learn through our work with product experts that the car seat was defective, we report the hazard to NHTSA, which will open an independent investigation. We also fight for you to receive fair compensation and to protect other children from harm.

Do You Have a Defective Car Seat Case?

Determining if a car seat has a design, manufacturing, or another defect usually requires an expert’s examination. We’ll also research whether the manufacturer recalled this or similar models recently.

If you suspect your child’s car seat was flawed, reach out to our Lancaster car seat lawyers right away. We’ll get started on an independent investigation.

Contact Our Lancaster Car Seat Lawyers for Help

If your child was injured in a crash because their car seat failed, you should speak with our products liability lawyers right away. We have been working with victims of defective car seats for years. We will investigate and connect you with highly respected experts.

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