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Lancaster ATV Accident Lawyers for Safer Recreation

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are often used for recreation, farm work, and transportation in Pennsylvania. Although these vehicles can be fun to ride and valuable in a job setting, riders should be aware of the associated risks and what to do in the event of an accident.

In a split second, a ride can go from fun to fatal. The latest report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found over 2,200 deaths in the U.S. from 2016-2018 were associated with off-highway vehicles. The data also included utility-terrain vehicles and side-by-sides, but ATVs accounted for nearly three-quarters of the total fatalities.

The report showed that kids under 16 were at greater risk, making up almost 300 of the associated deaths. Additionally, Pennsylvania ranked third for the most off-highway vehicle fatalities out of all 50 states.

Riders Deserve Better

Our ATV accident lawyers want to reduce the risk of accidents and make ATV riding safer throughout Pennsylvania. We seek to accomplish this by holding negligent drivers, vehicle manufacturers, and property owners accountable for their actions.

We have years of experience with Pennsylvania personal injury law and a record of success representing ATV accident victims.

Personal Injuries & Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

If a motor vehicle accident (such as an ATV accident) caused you or a loved one harm, it’s time to ask for legal advice. Our in-house staff nurse, network of medical experts, and experienced team at Atlee Hall work tirelessly to determine what happened and why.

How Is Fault Determined in an ATV Accident?

Like other kinds of accidents, fault is based on establishing negligence in your ATV accident case. Your accident may have been caused by another ATV operator or a defect from the vehicle manufacturer. If the accident occurred on someone else’s property and the owner didn’t maintain the land or knew there was a risk of danger, they could also be responsible.

In any case, victims must prove negligence by showing that the at-fault party owed them a duty of care, the duty was breached, and that the breach resulted in their injuries.

What if Fault Is Shared?

Even if you are partially responsible for the accident, you may still be able to recover damages.

Pennsylvania follows a system of modified comparative negligence. Section 7102 of Pennsylvania’s statutes outlines this system. If your portion of fault for the accident does not exceed 50%, you can recover compensation based on your percentage.

For example, suppose another rider’s reckless operation caused your ATV accident, but you contributed to the crash by speeding. In that case, your damages would be reduced by the percentage of fault attributed to you. So, if your speeding is found to make you 25% at fault and you suffered $100,000 in damages, you could be awarded up to $75,000.

If you are found to be 51% responsible, you are not eligible to recover compensation.

How to Prove Liability in an ATV Accident

While many cases settle out of court, our Lancaster ATV accident lawyers are prepared to take every case to trial if necessary. Your ATV accident lawyer can take care of the legal details so you can focus on recovery. Your lawyer will:

  • Investigate what happened
  • Gather evidence to support your claim, such as witness reports and medical records
  • Assess the value of your damages
  • Negotiate with the insurance company
  • Represent and advocate for you in court

Our team knows Pennsylvania personal injury laws and how to navigate them to succeed. We’ll ensure you understand your rights and explain your options.

ATV Accident Injuries & Damages

ATV accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Driving too fast
  • Exceeding passenger limits (most are designed for one passenger)
  • Not wearing safety gear such as a helmet
  • Defective parts or mechanical issues
  • Driving in unfamiliar areas over challenging terrain
  • Impaired driving due to drug or alcohol use

The CPSC’s report estimated that U.S. emergency rooms treated over 112,000 injuries associated with off-highway vehicles like ATVs in 2020. Accidents can range in severity and cause anything from minor scrapes and cuts to more severe injuries such as broken bones, head and neck injuries, burns, spinal cord damage, and paralysis. Fatal accidents are also unfortunately common.

Recovering What You Lost

Compensation for ATV accidents (referred to as damages) can include the following:

  • Economic Damages: Your monetary expenses and losses, including current and future medical bills, lost income, reduced earning capacity, and other out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Non-Economic Damages: Your intangible injuries, such as pain and suffering, scarring, disfigurement, embarrassment, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Wrongful Death & Survival Damages: A spouse, child, or parent may recover wrongful death compensation for the loss of their relative’s financial and emotional support. An estate can recover survival damages for the deceased person’s pain and suffering and lost earnings.
  • Loss of Consortium: This compensation is for a spouse who has lost their partner’s services, support, comfort, and companionship.

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You might worry about how you’ll pay for your medical bills, property damages, and other expenses after an ATV accident. However, you don’t have to tackle the problem on your own.

When you work with an experienced Lancaster ATV accident lawyer at Atlee Hall, you’ll get help proving the at-fault party’s liability and guidance to ensure you understand each step of the process. You deserve compensation if you were hurt in an accident that was someone else’s fault — we’re prepared to help you secure it.

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3 Steps to Win Your Case



We leave no stone unturned while investigating the cause of the accident. We’ll uncover what happened and why, whether it was distracted driving or a defective part.


We work with highly respected experts to identify the root cause of a crash and build a compelling claim for compensation.


We know how important it is for an insurer or jury to visualize your experience. We describe in detail what you’ve gone through and how it’s altered your future.

ATV Accident FAQS


How long do I have to file an ATV accident lawsuit?

Pennsylvania law gives you two years to file a lawsuit from when you were injured. This deadline, known as the statute of limitations, can be shortened or lengthened depending on certain factors. Contact Atlee Hall to get started on your case right away.

What should I do after an ATV accident?

Seek medical attention as soon as possible. Once you’re safe and have seen a doctor, you can begin filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Schedule a consultation with an ATV accident lawyer in Lancaster, PA.

How much is my ATV accident case worth?

No two ATV accidents are alike, so it is hard to predict how much each claim is worth. We look at the circumstances of your case to calculate the value of your damages. How much you receive depends on how you were injured and how severely you’re hurt.