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  Atlee Hall fights for you and our shared community by holding wrongdoers accountable when their negligence causes serious harm.
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What Makes Atlee Hall Different?

Clients often tell us they don’t want anyone else to go through what they experienced. We fight to ensure that it does not happen to others in the community.

Atlee Hall focuses on catastrophic injuries, wrongful deaths, and complex injury cases that other firms can’t handle. We use creativity, professionalism, and experience to help every client pursue the justice and financial compensation he or she deserves. This lets injury victims hold negligent parties accountable and ultimately makes the community that we all share safer for everyone.

A Personal Injury Firm Motivated by You

Our Approach Wins Cases

We approach every case from the outset as if it will go to trial. By doing so, we are investigating and preparing your case for the best possible result. While your case may resolve short of trial, through settlement, we are always prepared to fight for your rights and present how the negligence of the defendant has caused you or your loved one’s injuries.


01Atlee Hall Digs Deeper

We go further, use cutting-edge tactics, and think outside the box to build winning personal injury cases. Bi-weekly focus groups, connecting with industry experts, and dynamic trial presentations are just some of our techniques to get results.

02Trusted Experience – Proven Results

With over 125 years’ combined experience in the Lancaster region, we understand what it takes to win in Central Pennsylvania courtrooms. We won the largest-ever medical malpractice verdict in York County and the largest-ever personal injury verdict in Lancaster County.

03Nationally Recognized Thought Leaders

Our attorneys have been granted honors and awards at local, state, and national levels by various professional organizations. We frequently share our innovations and professional insights with other trial lawyers around the country.

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Atlee Hall Team
“Although it was an unfortunate incident that brought me to Atlee Hall, I was and remain forever indebted to them.” – Chris D.

We Make Your Case Clear

In a personal injury case, the law needs to be on your side. But we also know that the key to success often means showing how the negligent party hurt you, your family, and your life.

It’s our mission to go deeper – and understand your situation from every angle. By painting a vivid portrait of what happened and what it will take to set things right, we build a case that’s hard to defend.


3 Steps to Build Your Injury Case



We’ll partner with top experts to reconstruct what led to your injuries. For example, if a surgical error were to blame, our medical expert will scrutinize the procedure. In a car accident or auto products case, our engineers will review photos and inspect the accident scene and the vehicle to reconstruct the cause of the accident.


Once we have the evidence, we’ll comb through the data to identify the root cause. For instance, when trucking companies improperly train drivers or a company rushes to get a defective product to market, it leaves a trail. We’ll find it.


Answering some hard questions will be critical. Can you return to work? Will your child’s injury prevent him or her from enjoying a full life? We’ll document everything and demonstrate what you and those around you are going through.

We Demand Justice for You

When you or a loved one have been injured because someone was negligent, we work tirelessly to deliver justice.

At Atlee Hall, we firmly believe that the wrongdoing and negligence of others shouldn’t weigh you down. We concentrate on your case, so that you can concentrate on getting better. It is our job to hold liable parties accountable and make things better for you. Whether it’s a personal injury settlement or jury verdict, we go above and beyond to assess your damages and pursue a level of compensation that helps you move on and deters similar acts of negligence.

Central Pennsylvania Personal Injury FAQs


How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Pennsylvania law allows you to file a claim or lawsuit for the damages related to harm or injury you suffered. To succeed, you must establish that the wrongdoer owed you a duty of care, was negligent in that obligation, and you suffered injuries as a result.

How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations generally gives you two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit. Failure to act within this timeframe could bar you from recovering damages. That’s why it’s essential to consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible about your options and the best course of action.

What is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

The precise value of your injury claim will vary based on the factors involved. A lot depends on the severity of your injuries and what you endured. Generally, in Pennsylvania, you can pursue economic damages for past and future expenses like lost wages, medical expenses, out-of-pocket costs, and non-economic damages for intangible losses like pain and suffering, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life.

When Should I Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

You should speak with an attorney anytime you or a loved one suffer an injury or experience a wrongful death due to another’s negligence. No matter what happened, you should know your options and legal rights. An insurance company may contact you quickly after an accident to offer a settlement, but this is usually for less than what you deserve. A knowledgeable and experienced lawyer can help you determine if an offer is sufficient and how to hold the responsible party accountable.

Lancaster County, PA

Atlee Hall Pays It Forward in Lancaster County

Known for its history, well-maintained rail trails, natural beauty along the Susquehanna River, and famous Amish community, Lancaster is a vibrant and diverse place to call home.

With its growing population of younger residents and so much to offer, Lancaster is on the rise. Unfortunately, this growth is not always supported by the existing infrastructure. Traffic congestion still results in too many accidents, and an overextended local health care system leads to unnecessary errors.

As proud members of the Lancaster community, Atlee Hall is pleased to use our resources and lend our support to several local, non-profit organizations that benefit Lancaster County, particularly those with the shared goal of making our community safer, healthier, and a more inclusive place to live and work.