Tractor Trailer Crash Settlement

Written by Atlee Hall

A tractor trailer driver fell asleep at the wheel after delivering a load from North Carolina to Connecticut and attempting to return to North Carolina, all in the same day.

Traffic on I-78 had come to a standstill because of another crash. The defendant truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and plowed his tractor trailer into the line of stopped traffic, killing two victims and significantly injuring two other victims. The tractor trailer driver who fell asleep was woefully under-insured for all of the damages the crash caused. As part of the investigation, the Atlee Hall Team learned that the tractor trailer driver who fell asleep was operating under an illegal broker agreement with another trucking company. In addition, the trailer being hauled was owned by another company, whose goods were being shipped. Both trucking companies, the owner of the trailer, and shipper were included in the lawsuit.

The driver who caused the crash had a checkered driving history along with numerous other red flags which should have alerted the illegal broker trucking company and the owner of the trailer/shipper who hired the driver and entrusted its trailer and goods to this driver. The case was filed in Federal Court in Pennsylvania and settled with all parties.

Truck accidents are very different from automobile crashes. Because of the nature of the trucking industry, there may be multiple companies involved, for example, the companies which hire the driver, put the driver and tractor trailer on the road, and other companies which may also have responsibility when a tragic tractor trailer crash occurs.

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