Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles, more commonly known as, “self-driving cars”, seem like a thing of the future. However, technological advances have made this a reality and driverless cars are debuting on streets across America, including in Pennsylvania.

Autonomous vehicles and cars equipped with crash avoidance technologies, such as lane-keep assist and emergency braking, are vehicles that use preset commands to make decisions on the road with the intention of keeping the vehicle occupants safe. These vehicles use advanced sensor systems to make decisions and are marketed to be much safer than a human driver. However, these vehicles lack the judgement of a person behind the wheel and are vulnerable to malfunctions.

Because this technology is new to the road, legislation involving self-driving cars is limited. Atlee Hall is at the forefront of understanding the technology and working to protect consumer rights.

In personal injury lawsuits involving another driver, damages such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages are recoverable. Without a driver, cases involving autonomous vehicles must be treated differently. Atlee Hall has practiced auto-products liability law in Pennsylvania for over 30 years and will use this knowledge to bring justice for victims of autonomous vehicle and crash avoidance technology malfunctions.

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Causes of Collisions involving Autonomous Vehicles and/or Crash Avoidance Technologies

  • Failure to equip vehicles with crash avoidance technologies
  • Software failures
  • Human and machine interface failures
  • Driver inattention and over-reliance on technology


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Defective Vehicles / Crashworthiness

When a minor auto accident results in catastrophic injuries, a manufacturing flaw in the vehicle may be to blame.

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