Jaime Jackson speaks at national conference on Crash Avoidance Technology

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Atlee Hall attorney Jaime Jackson spoke about Crash Avoidance Technologies and Robot Cars to a national group of paralegals gathered at a conference in San Antonio, Texas. The presentation focused on how new technologies are affecting the transportation industry, products liability and how we practice law. Questions discussed included if the robot technology is driving the car, can the human occupant still be liable, or is the manufacturer responsible when the technology fails and a crash happens? Mr. Jackson covered with the group various crash avoidance technologies such as Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warnings, Lane Keep Assist and Blind Spot Assist. Robot cars and highly automated vehicles were also discussed, with GM promising to roll out its ride services fully autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel or gas pedals in 2019. Waymo was just awarded permission in Arizona to operate its ride sharing services vehicle without gas pedals and steering wheels for public transportation on Arizona roadways. The automotive landscape and the way human beings are transported is rapidly changing with a fundamental paradigm shift in car ownership, ride sharing services and robot cars. Mr. Jackson who has litigated automotive products liability cases for twenty years has spent the last several years working on crash avoidance technologies and robot cars preparing for the future of transportation.