Wrongful DeathCase Study

Atlee Hall recently resolved a tragic case involving a young man who was killed while riding his motorcycle.

One evening last winter, the young man was operating his motorcycle, traveling south on Prospect Road towards its intersection with the US-30W ramp. A truck driver was heading northbound on Prospect Road with the intent to turn left onto the on-ramp. Although the truck driver visualized the motorcyclist proceeding southbound, the truck driver sped up and attempted to make a lefthand turn onto the on-ramp. Unfortunately, the truck driver collided with the motorcyclist, who suffered multiple traumatic injuries and passed away.

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Why This Case Matters

Our firm represented the young man’s Estate and parents as his wrongful death beneficiaries. Mere months after the case was filed, the defense approached our clients about resolving the case. Following a mediation, which illustrated who the decedent was and what he meant to his family, the defense agreed to settle the case for a substantial sum. Resolving the case quickly and to our clients’ satisfaction helped to provide them with some closure after a very traumatic event.

How We Built
A Winning Case


01 Investigate

To obtain an acceptable recovery for the young man’s Estate, we needed to clearly illustrate the truck driver’s fault and clearly describe the gravity of the victim’s fatal injuries.

02 Analyze

With liability established, we focused on what the victim’s family ultimately lost out on because of the accident by not having the victim around. We helped the family assess their losses and articulated this to the defense.

03 Synthesize

In a relatively short time frame, given the nature of most wrongful death cases, we guided our clients through the mediation process and negotiated a favorable settlement.

The Result

In the end, we helped secure a significant amount of compensation for our client's beneficiaries.

This allowed the victim’s Estate and family to move on after a tragedy without undue financial stress as a result of loosing their loved one due to negligence.