Atlee Hall Attorney Jaime Jackson Participates in Products Liability Mock Trial in Chicago

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Atlee Hall Trial Lawyer, Jaime Jackson, was recently part of the Plaintiffs’ trial team in a product liability mock trial in Chicago.  Mr. Jackson delivered the Opening Statement for the Plaintiffs and conducted the direct examination of Plaintiffs’ expert design witness.

Each year a national group of attorneys from across the country come together to conduct a mock trial of an actual case for the purposes of learning and teaching other lawyers in trial skills and strategies.  A live jury is utilized along with a jury consultant.  One of the goals is to teach the next generation of trial lawyers, as well as teach each other and help keep our trial skills sharp. Mr. Jackson said of the experience, “I always come away from this process a better trial lawyer, I learn so much from the others, watching some of the best at their profession practicing their craft, it is amazing, I am thankful to have the opportunity to participate and learn”.

Jaime Jackson is an avid speaker at conferences nationwide for his peers. Most recently, Mr. Jackson spoke in front of a national audience in September.