Creating a Healthy Work From Home Environment

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As I sit here in my new remote working environment, I feel quite comfortable, even inspired, and certainly full of nostalgia and happy memories. My new ‘office’ is a spare room in our house that was ‘kind-of’ intended as an office,  but has never really been used until now.

Before I found myself with a new live-in co-worker (technically my husband), it was always easier to work from the dining room table. Now that we are both incessantly on calls, webinars, or Zoom meetings, I’ve retreated upstairs. I’m quite enjoying the view: a book case of inspiring stories, self-help books, leadership and coaching manuals; photographs of family, our wedding, by-gone events from previous jobs, inspirational quotes, artwork that we never quite got round to hanging, and my collection of attractive but unused notebooks (I have a strange penchant for notebooks – my most recent, self-indulgent purchase from Timorous Beasties – an interior design store in my home-town of Glasgow, Scotland). I also have a great view of our back yard and our neighbor’s window where their ginger cat, Enzo, likes to pass the time.

As we hunker down for who knows how long, my suggestion to everyone working from home right now, if you can, is to create your own little corner, room, or space of zen, where you feel inspired to work productively – hopefully on your job, but if not, your dreams.