Atlee Hall Partner Welcomes New Admittees to the Lancaster Bar Community

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Before the recent swearing in ceremony for the new admittees to the Lancaster Bar, Jaime Jackson, along with President Judge Dennis Reinaker and LBA President Elect Laura Tallarico, welcomed the new members to the Lancaster legal community.

Mr. Jackson discussed professionalism in the legal community referring to his three legged P stool, that he has tried to live by during his 22 years practicing law in Lancaster:

  1. Practice compassion
  2. Point of view-listen
  3. Perseverance

Be compassionate with everyone you meet. Whether it is clients, co-workers, Judges, opposing counsel, Defendants, everyone deserves compassion. There are times we must be assertive, but, never aggressive. It can be a fine line.  But the goal is, in some small way, to help improve the lives of everyone we meet.

Always consider point of view, in other words, be a good listener. A client who has been blindsided by the negligence of another, who may have lost a loved one, or whose lives are in mayhem because they have been injured and are constantly at doctors appointments. Consider what they are going through.  Understand their point of view.  This means listen, practice compassion.  You can not help someone through their struggles, until you have listened to them and understand where they are coming from.

Perseverance. Being a lawyer is difficult.  Success is achieved through perseverance. We must keep working, keep trying and keep going.  Things may not always go our way, but, we must get back up, dust ourselves off and get back in the arena and fight for justice and what is right. Being an avid ultrarunner, Mr. Jackson is no stranger to perseverance, finishing a 50 mile race takes determination and relentless forward progress. So to does being a trial lawyer.

Welcome to Lancaster!