Third Pennsylvania Hospital Alerts Open-Heart Surgery Patients to Possible NTM Bacteria Exposure

Written by Atlee Hall

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center recently alerted patients who underwent open-heart surgery between October 1, 2013 and December 17, 2015 that they may have been exposed to NTM bacteria. According to the letter sent out to patients, Penn Presbyterian recently became aware that four patients who had cardiac surgeries performed during the relevant time period have been diagnosed with an NTM infection.

Penn Presbyterian is the latest Pennsylvania hospital to report these infections. Its announcement follows that of WellSpan York Hospital and Hershey Medical Center. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, to date, 21 open-heart surgery patients at these three hospitals have been diagnosed with NTM infections.

Atlee Hall is continuing to monitor the discovery of NTM outbreaks throughout Pennsylvania. We are keeping apprised of all breaking medical news in an effort to assist our clients who have been affected by these outbreaks.