Settlement in Tractor Trailer Case Involving Family of Six

Written by Atlee Hall

Tractor trailer drivers must pay attention to their surroundings and keep their eyes on the road to protect everyone who shares the highways with these massive trucks.

Why this Case Matters

A family of six was driving south on I-78 in Pennsylvania returning to their home in Maryland from a family reunion in New York. Their vehicle was stopped in traffic that was backed up due to highway construction. Their car was hit when a tractor trailer driver failed to slow down his truck and plowed into the line of vehicles stopped in the construction zone. Miraculously, everyone survived the crash, however, our clients were badly injured physically and emotionally damaged.

The tractor trailer driver initially claimed the sun was in his eyes during the time of the accident. This story was disproven with statements from other witnesses who had no problems seeing the slowing and stopped traffic ahead.

How We Built a Winning Case

Atlee Hall worked closely with co-counsel from Maryland, who contacted our firm to get involved and help this family in Pennsylvania. Suit was filed against the trucking company in Federal Court. As part of our work, we explored what future medical treatment was going to be necessary to help those who were injured achieve medical improvement and be able to cope with their injuries.

A somewhat novel approach was used to bring about successful resolution of all claims. Near the beginning of the lawsuit, we allowed our clients to be informally interviewed by the trucking company’s lawyer and the insurance adjuster. This offered our clients the opportunity to tell their story and how dramatically this crash impacted their lives and family. At the same time, it provided the trucking company’s insurance team with additional information, the opportunity to meet and talk to our clients face to face, and to see what wonderful people they are.

The Result

Not long after this informal get-together, the case was brought to a successful resolution.

Atlee Hall has a long track record of using innovative approaches and techniques to bring about successful resolution and closure for clients who have been in truck accidents, allowing them to move forward and get their lives back on track.