Honoring Juneteenth

Written by Atlee Hall

“Call it Freedom Day, Emancipation Day or Liberation Day, the holiday eclipses all others not just in its worthiness but in its moral profundity.

As a raucous call comes nationwide to finish many of the incomplete liberations in American history, including the freedom from bondage that Juneteenth celebrates, now is the time to celebrate it as a national holiday.” -Ismail Smith-Wade-El, President of Lancaster City Council

While the institution of slavery ended, it did not bring with it equality for all. This Juneteenth presents for a unique opportunity after weeks of public outcry and protests locally and nationally condemning police brutality and systemic racism in America. We stand in solidarity with those who continue the struggle for equality and against racism and oppression.

Below are some links to Celebrations and educational happenings in honor of Juneteenth:

Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Crispus Attucks have a number of events scheduled throughout the weekend to celebrate this important holiday.

National Museum of African American History & Culture Virtual Tour: Watch the video as the Museum’s Founding Director Lonnie Bunch III leads a tour through our Slavery and Freedom exhibition to celebrate #Juneteenth, highlighting stories behind some of our most popular objects, including Nat Turner’s bible, freedom papers of free African Americans and a Sibley tent that housed African Americans who ran from Southern plantations in search of freedom with the Union army.

The Schromburg Center for Research in Black Culture has created an extensive list reading recommendation for all age groups centered on Black Culture.  Additionally, they will have a series of talks about Black Culture, the history of Juneteenth and the ongoing struggle for equality.

SixNineteen has a call to action and how you can become more involved in continuing this march forward.