Atlee Hall Resolves Motor Vehicle Crash Case

Written by Atlee Hall

Atlee Hall recently resolved a case involving a motor vehicle crash that caused significant injuries to our client, who was a high school student at the time. The case was filed against both the owner and driver of the vehicle, as well as the repair garage that had recently performed an inspection. A significant portion of the vehicle’s right front passenger side had corroded, and someone had filled in the corrosion with foam, which was then duct-taped and painted over. This prevented our client from being aware of any potential safety issue with the vehicle. When the crash occurred, the modified front passenger side of the vehicle essentially collapsed, leading to the catastrophic injuries suffered by our client. Our crashworthiness and vehicle occupant protection expert examined the vehicle involved in the crash and determined that it never should have passed inspection and, therefore, should never have been on the road. At the close of discovery, we were able to resolve the case for a significant amount to our client’s satisfaction.

This is just one example of the innovative approach that Atlee Hall takes to cases. We successfully pursued the claims against the owner and driver of the vehicle but also delved further in our investigation to uncover a safety issue with the vehicle itself. While this was not a crashworthiness or defective vehicle case brought against the car manufacturer because the car had been significantly modified, we were able to find another party, the repair garage performing the inspection, that was also responsible for the injuries to our client.