Atlee Hall resolved case involving delayed diagnosis of endophthalmitis of child

Written by Atlee Hall

Atlee Hall recently resolved a case involving the delayed diagnosis of endophthalmitis in a child. The child had undergone outpatient eye surgery, and a few days after the procedure, he developed new-onset redness and light sensitivity in one eye. The child’s parents contacted the surgeon, who assured them that this was nothing to worry about and told them to keep their already-scheduled follow-up appointment for the following day. They did as they were instructed, and when they saw the surgeon the next day, it became apparent that the child was suffering from a vision-threatening infection in one eye. He was immediately referred to a local hospital for treatment and underwent emergent surgery, but the delay had allowed the infection to progress and worsen. As a result of the delay in diagnosis and treatment of his condition, the child lost all vision in one eye. He has had to undergo several surgeries to date and will need future care and treatment. Through our expert ophthalmologist and retinal specialists, we were able to prove that the failure to evaluate the child promptly increased the risk that his eye infection would worsen and that he would lose vision as a result. Ultimately, the case was resolved to our clients’ satisfaction, and the funds will be placed in a trust for the child’s benefit.