Atlee Hall Completes March Mindfulness Challenge

Written by Atlee Hall

Last year, Atlee Hall introduced March Mindfulness alongside its intra-office March Madness bracket. We also ran a challenge last November and have just completed our third round this past March. The main aim was to encourage everyone in the office to be more aware of how we can lift up others. This could be our local communities, our families, each other, and importantly ourselves. The minimum effort required from each team member is to complete one activity under one of the banners of community, education, creativity, health, and mindfulness. A few examples of activities included leaving small notes and treats on desks, gym sessions, drinking more water, attending a seminar and sharing the learning points, doing a craft, and helping out with a community organization.

There’s a moderate competitive element too; split into four teams, the team with highest number of stickers (awarded for completed activities) wins the challenge and the much coveted prize of gift cards to Lancaster’s Central Market which lies within walking distance of Atlee Hall’s office.

Mindfulness is by no means a new concept and, while it does appear to be the on trend word,  it isn’t something that should just be a passing fad.  There is plenty of literature to support the benefits of mindfulness in increasing connection to oneself, each other, being more present, and reducing stress and anxiety. While the word itself has its roots in Buddhist traditions, mindfulness can take many forms; Atlee Hall put its own spin on the concept to create a fun and engaging approach.

What was pretty great this time round was that, collectively, it was our most mindful month yet, with 1243 activities completed. Although it’s not too scientific a process (the awarding of stickers is very much based on honesty) and a cynic might argue that we were more competitive than previous rounds, I like to think that we were actually more engaged and have an elevated appreciation of one another.