Asbestos found in Pre-Teen Makeup Should be Wake-up Call for Regulation

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Asbestos Makeup Found in Pre-Teen Stores

Earlier this year, U.S. regulators found asbestos in at least three samples of eye shadow, concealer, and other beauty products from Claire’s and Justice, retailers heavily marketed to girls and pre-teens. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirms that asbestos at any level is unsafe and a known carcinogen. Even though these products were deemed to be unsafe, they were sold for months after safety warnings to young adults.

The FDA and Safety Recalls

Arguably, the most alarming aspect of this unsafe makeup is that the FDA does not have the authority to recall this tainted makeup. The FDA has regulations in place to outlaw “poisonous” materials in makeup, however, it is not required of beauty companies to self-report their ingredients, where they are made, or how they are tested. When the FDA does detect that a makeup product is unsafe, the organization is only able to request for retailers to pull the products from their shelves.

In this case, Claire’s did not initially comply with the safety warning issued by the FDA. For over a year after the initial finding of asbestos in their products, Claire’s kept the tainted makeup on their shelves. It was after a press-release this spring that named the retailer that led them to pull the product.

Holding Manufacturers Accountable for Dangerous Products

This is one of the many examples of failed self-policing among manufacturers and retailers. By not having systems in place to police manufacturers of unsafe products, such products will continue to be sold. When manufacturers of unsafe products are held accountable, it ensures consumer goods are safer for everyone. Atlee Hall is committed to holding companies that knowingly produce or distribute unsafe goods accountable, avoiding future harm to others and seeking justice for our clients.