Sexual Assault and Abuse

Too often we hear reports of children sexually abused by adults. Recent accounts of sexual abuse of children by clergy, coaches, social workers and athletic team physicians have highlighted this devastating and extensive problem.

Sexual abuses are often committed by people who have been trusted with contact, care and custody of our most precious resource – our children. These individuals take advantage of their position to commit the most heinous of offenses, knowing children are unable to protect themselves.

The abuse is frequently concealed and/or suppressed by those in position of authority.

It is well recognized that children affected by sexual abuse often suffer permanent injuries, both physical and emotional, throughout the remainder of their lives.  The law provides few avenues of recourse for victims of child abuse when that abuse occurred long ago.  Criminal statutes may be enforced against the sexual offender, but there is a statute of limitations which at times can protect an abuser from criminal prosecution if too much time has elapsed.

In civil cases, however, the statute of limitations may be delayed in cases of fraud or concealment.  This means that if an employer has notice of abuse but conceals facts which, if known, would have given rise to a cause of action, the statute of limitations might not be a defense.  Thus, the injured victim might be able to seek civil recourse even if the abuse occurred many years ago.

Atlee Hall is committed to helping anyone who has been victimized by sexual abuse. Those affected are innocent victims and deserve care to help heal physical and emotional wounds.  Equally important, it is only by holding responsible parties accountable that we can work toward achieving justice for victims of unthinkable harm.

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Types of Sexual Assault and Abuse Cases

  • Sexual abuse concealed by employers, officials, or a person in a position of power
  • Sexual abuse committed outside of the criminal statute of limitations that involved either concealment or fraud
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