E-Cigarettes & Juul

E-cigarettes and vaping devices, such as Juul, have been linked to addiction, lung disease, and other health risks.

E-cigarettes (e-cigs, vaping products, Juuls) were originally marketed as a safer alternative to cigarettes. However, these products have been linked to health risks associated with cigarette smoking such as nicotine addiction, nicotine poisoning, lung injuries, and lung disease. Recently, researchers have connected these products with dangers unique to e-cigarettes such as brochilolitis oliterans, commonly known as “popcorn lung”. The increased popularity of these products and their correlation to health risks has led to lawsuits to be filed on the behalf of addicted minors and those who have suffered from briochilotis oliterans or other lung injuries.
Our team of trusted trial attorneys has held manufacturers accountable for their products for 40 years. By holding e-cigarette manufacturers, such as Juul, responsible for their unsafe product and marketing of their product, manufacturers will be forced to change these products.

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Consumer products are created to make our lives easier. But, when they contain defects that cause harm or severe injury, proving manufacturer error becomes the crucial step to winning a product liability case.

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