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Does Insurance Limit My Ability to Recover Damages?

If you carry insurance, such as health or auto insurance, you are someone who has the foresight to consider the “just-in-case” scenarios. You are certainly encouraged to carry insurance, and there are laws in place for this, but some people don’t.

If you become the victim of a car accident or are somehow seriously injured, your insurance will cover some parts, or all of, the cost of your expenses. Medical bills can be quickly run up, and your insurance will not cover all it. However, if you were injured due to another party or party’s negligence, you still have the right to recover damages – even if you have insurance.

Simply because you have insurance does not give the person who caused the injuries a pass on getting out of paying you. This is known as the “collateral source rule.” This means that even though you were able to collect on your insurance for your medical expenses, the party who caused your injuries cannot benefit from your payment by your insurance company. In a sense, you are allowed to get double recovery for your expenses and bills. In addition, the defendant may not allow the jury to know you have received payment through your insurance.

If you have been seriously injured and have insurance, or have questions about damages, please contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Atlee Hall, LLP today. We serve the communities of the Lancaster, York and Harrisburg and all of Central Pennsylvania.