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The Future of Auto Safety and Convenience Technology

Jeremy K. O’Steen and Jaime D Jackson - AIEG Voice Magazine


The wide-spread implementation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), otherwise known as Driver Assist Technology (DAT), will revolutionize the concept of driving and automotive products liability. These technologies are the first steps towards autonomous driving.  ADAS is not just some idealized goal to be accomplished in the future, but it is happening right now. Although we might best classify ADAS as within the first stage of implementation, automotive manufacturers and suppliers are moving quickly to get this technology on the road. It is expected there will be more that 100,000 autonomous cars on American highways by 2025. Nissan Motor Co.,for example, said last summer that it will have the technology ready to start selling a self-driving car by 2020. A driving force accelerating the trend will be new government mandates for vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologies that are intended to improve safety.  But, as the automotive industry has shown; flaws and defects in vehicles continue, although they may be slightly different types of defects as to the structural type defects in years past.  The legal profession, with AIEG leading the way, as it has always done, will play a critical role in protecting the American public, and holding the automotive industry accountable when their vehicles fail and harm the public. This article will highlight the different types of ADAS and DAT along with the current and anticipated implementation programs of a variety of leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Included at the end of the article is a list of DAT currently in production and the DAT sections of various manufacturers websites.

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