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Running Doesn’t Have to be a Chore

Run. Run a lot. The more you run, the better your body and brain will learn to do it.

There are a lot of people that absolutely hate running and only run to keep their weight off or to start losing weight. All too often people quit running because they are bored with it or don’t see the weight loss results. It is not fun to put a ton of work into something and see little in return. One of the problems with running is that you aren’t going to see results in a day or even a week. You need to put some time into it to get the results you want. Consistency is key. The trick then is to keep your running interesting. Here are a few tips how to make running more fun and therefore more enjoyable to do. If you enjoy running more you will run more and you will see more results. Everything just works out better if you are having fun.

Learn To Do It

It does not have to be every day, and it doesn’t have to involve awful workouts that leave you sprawled out on the track by the time they are done. But it does have to be consistent. It may kill you to run 3 miles now, but the more running becomes part of your regular routine, the more your body will crave that endorphin rush or just plain good feeling of a job well done when you finish a good run.

Pick A Huge Goal

Maybe it’s a 10K, half marathon, a marathon, or ultramarathon. Who knows? Make it one that will make your friends laugh when you tell them about it. That’s how you pick an inspiring goal. Then focus every day until you make it happen. Create a training plan and stick to it. Having a routine helps and when you reach your goal, the biggest reward for a thing well done is to simply have done it.

Bored With The Roads

Try trail running. There is so much beauty out there.

Find A New Route

If you feel like you can’t spend another day on the same road, find a new one. Running apps are plentiful; a good one is MapMyRun.

Listen To A Good Audio Book Or Pod Cast

Too busy to read a good book? Well, queue up an audio book you have been meaning to get to and start jogging.

Go To The Track

Go to a local high school track once a week, meet friends there and mix it up. If you have never done any speed work on a track before, you’ll likely see big returns on your track workouts almost right from the start.

Run For A Cause

Team in Training is a big one, raising money for the Leukemia Society, but there are plenty of others raising awareness for such causes as breast cancer, diabetes and against racism.

Heart Rate Training

There are some excellent heart rate monitors out there. Not only will these devices help you with proper training intensity, it is fun and interesting to watch your heart rate and keep track. There are a lot of advanced workouts using heart rate zones that correspond to different intensities and you can shoot to stay in the zones for prescribed amounts of time.

Read A Great Running Book

Not another mundane training guide, but find a book that will inspire you. For me, two that worked were Ultra Marathon Man and Born to Run.

Listen To Music

While some like the quiet solitude of mindless running, most everyone likes to listen to good music, constantly update your running playlist.

Sign Up For A Race

Something about putting up good money and marking it on your calendar make it real. The beauty of running is everyone who participates wins. It’s not whether you come in first, fiftieth or last, it’s that you did it. It’s you and the clock. And the best part is the war stories you will have after finishing the race.

Run With Friends

Running and talking with friends is a great way to keep in touch. It also helps you get out the door on those days when you just do not want to go; when you know you have to meet someone, who is relying on you to be there. The companionship and in–this–together–mentality, running with friends also helps with accountability – it’s a lot harder to hit the snooze button when you know you’ll be letting a friend down.
Run Alone

The quietness and solitude of a long run is totally refreshing. Leave your stresses and problems on the floor the minute you lace up your sneakers and just move forward continuing to put one foot in front of the other.

Find A Runners Club

Runners clubs are all over the place. It’s amazing how many people so close to you feel the same way about running and are endless sources of information to share.

Create While You Run

Whether you are an artist, student, or a business person, it’s worth it to try brainstorming about a project during your run. Many find that their focus and creativity are heightened after 20-30 minutes of relaxed running. A friend gets home decorating ideas by looking at porches, door decorations, landscaping when running outside her neighborhood.

Reward Yourself

I started running because we always finished our runs at the local pub.