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Honda to recall 143,000 Civics and Fits to remedy faulty software, weak transmission

software that damages the vehicles’ transmissions and increases the risk of crashes.

The software, which manages the continuously variable transmission, or CVT, system in the vehicles, has been written to use more hydraulic pressure during certain operating settings than the cars’ transmissions can handle, according to Honda. Because some parts of the CVT systems in these cars were produced at the low end of the required hardness specifications, excessive pressure can break the vehicless drive pulley shafts, which can in turn cause the cars to lose acceleration or front-wheel steering.

This issue, which was discovered during Honda’s warranty claim process in the U.S., has not lead to any crashes or injuries, according to the Japanese carmaker, but the faulty software does put drivers at a greater risk.

Civic and Fit owners will be able to take their vehicles to their local Honda dealer and have the software fixed free of charge.