safety is our priority

Bicyclists Have Family and Friends, Too

That bicyclist that you didn’t move over for and leave safe room to pass is someone’s mother, daughter, sister and best friend.

That bicyclist that you cut off before the left hand turn because you’re annoyed and thought you had enough room is someone’s father, son, brother and best friend.

How often people must forget when they are behind the wheel they are jeopardizing their own as well as the biker (or runner’s) safety when they simply do not share the road. When drivers take chances with cyclists they are literally playing Russian Roulette with other people who have the right to be on our roadways lives when they are not mindful, aware of and safely navigate their vehicles on the roadways we share with bicyclists.

Next time you are driving your car down the road and you see a bicyclist ahead and rather than slow down or move the car over to leave enough room as required by Pennsylvania law and simply wiz on by, remember that these bicyclists that are lawfully on the road following the safety rules are someone’s family, friends and part of our community.

Pennsylvania’s roadway safety laws require motorists to leave four feet of room between the vehicle and the bicyclist when passing the bicyclist.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen motorists wiz on by barely missing, leaving inches to spare, that just scares me that people would do that to other people in our community.

Can you imagine living with yourself knowing that because you couldn’t slow and spare five seconds you hit someone taking away someone’s mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, best friend? Think about it. Also, please think about these same thoughts next time you check a text a message or look down at that phone when you are behind the wheel. You literally have the power to change hundreds, thousands of lives, but in a hugely negative way rather than positive ways we all strive for so let’s all please be more conscientious and careful.

These roadway safety rules protect all of us in the community, keep us all safe and protect us from catastrophic harm and death. We expect other people to follow the safety rules to protect us. It’s only reasonable and fair that they expect us to follow the same safety rules. We deserve to live in a safe community and have safe roadways. It’s our right to have all in our community follow the safety rules to protect us from mayhem and death and as a community we should not tolerate anything less.