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Supply Our Schools


Crystal G. Consylman

Atlee Hall, LLP is partnering with Dougherty Office Supplies in a program guaranteed to make our future a brighter one.

Atlee Hall, LLP is challenging local businesses in the Lancaster area to “Supply Our Schools” with much-needed items to ensure that the school year is a successful one.

When you are ordering your supplies from Dougherty consider purchasing extra, such as binders or pencils, to donate to a local school that could really use a helping hand. Atlee Hall will gather the supplies and distribute them to the local schools where they are needed the most.

This program started when Atlee Hall donated a SmartBoard to the School District of Lancaster in spring 2013. After that donation, we realized how much our schools are in need of items from the big – such as the SmartBoard – to the small, such as pencils, crayons, markers, etc.

All of our area schools have faced budget cuts and could all use a helping hand. You can help make the path to the future successful for the children.