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Keys for the City

Lancaster has been topping a number of different lists recently being called, “The New Brooklyn” and one of the “Top Places to Live with your Family”. However, did you know that we are also The Street PianoCapital of the World? For the past 8 years, local nonprofit Music for Everyone has placed pianos throughout the streets of downtown Lancaster to be available free to the public. The purpose of this funky interactive exhibit,  Keys for the City,  is to bring awareness to the need for arts to hold a permanent place in our community and to provide wider access to music in Lancaster. It is the overall mission of Music for Everyone to be able to encourage and fund music in our local classrooms through providing grants, musical instruments, and musical education.

Atlee Hall is pleased to participate once again this Summer and support one of our favorite local nonprofit organizations, Music for Everyone. Special to this year, our piano will feature the art of the 5th grade Art Club at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School. Celebrating the theme of diversity in our city, these students adorned our piano with the flags of the countries their families’ heritage. Beginning May 19th, you can find the artwork of these students and try your hand at “Heart and Soul” by the Prince Street Garage. To celebrate the kick of the Keys for the City program, Music for Everyone will host music in Binn’s Park during the Meda World Market on May 19th from 6:00-8:30 PM.