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End Distracted Driving Presentation

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 — Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Crystal Consylman

In 2009 Casey Feldman was killed by a distracted driver while crossing a street in a crosswalk. She was 21. Following her death her family and friends wanted to do something to prevent others from being injured or killed by distracted drivers. Joel Feldman, Casey’s father, a trial lawyer, worked to develop a science–based presentation that would engage teens and maximize the likelihood of changing attitudes and behaviors. As of the summer of 2014 more than 215,000 teens and 25,000 adults have seen the presentation in 41 states and Canada. As the program has expanded talks are also being given to college students, adults and businesses and we have developed presentations for adult audiences.

On Wednesday December 2, and Tuesday December 8,Attorney Jeremy O’Steen from Atlee Hall, LLP will be presenting this eye opening presentation to the Drivers Education Classes at Cedar Cliff High School in Camp Hill. He will also have a Family Safe Driving Agreement with simple steps we can all take for safer driving. If you would like a copy, please click here. Atlee Hall is also available to do the End distracted Driving presentation for your school or organization, just call us at 717-393-9596 ask for Crystal or click here to contact us thru the website.