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Settlement for the Family of a Woman who was Killed by a Drunk Driver

Atlee Hall attorneys, Jaime Jackson and Robin Jabour, recently settled against a local bar on behalf of the family of a woman who was killed by a drunk driver.

Pennsylvania law (the Pennsylvania Liquor Code also known as the Pennsylvania Dram Shop Law) provides that it shall be unlawful for any establishment holding a liquor license to serve alcoholic beverages or permit any liquor to be sold or served to any person visibly intoxicated, or to any minor.

In this case, Atlee Hall developed evidence that the driver of the vehicle that crossed the center line striking our client had been served beer at a bar shortly before he got into his vehicle and the collision occurred. We were able to obtain security surveillance video from the bar that showed the bartender serving the driver beer while visibly intoxicated. We also conducted an extensive investigation locating witnesses who observed this person being served beer while visibly intoxicated at the bar. Our client’s daughter was only in her early 30’s when she was killed. She was survived by not only her parents, but her own daughter and many other loving relatives, friends and business acquaintances. She owned her own business in the community and was well loved and was respected throughout the community.

Atlee Hall brought both a wrongful death and survival action on behalf of our clients and the Estate.

Following extensive litigation the parties agreed to attempt mediation in the case which led to the settlement of the liquor liability claims against the bar.

Following the settlement, Atlee Hall’s attorneys worked with a trust company and financial advisors to make sure the settlement funds would be properly protected and available to the minor daughter in the future.

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