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Jaime D. Jackson settles case against General Motors

Atlee Hall attorney Jaime D. Jackson recently settled a case against General Motors involving an ignition switch failure in a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt.

Our client lost control of his vehicle, left the roadway and struck a utility pole. The airbag did not deploy.

A subsequent download of the onboard sensing and diagnostic module (SDM) revealed that the ignition switch was in the accessory position at the time of the crash. The SDM also recorded a Delta V or change in velocity for the vehicle of 42.5 mph, clearly a crash where the airbags should have deployed and were needed to protect our client from injury. Our client suffered a severe brain injury. One of the main purposes of the airbag is to help prevent head and neck injuries.

In this litigation we argued on behalf of our client that because of the ignition switch defect, the key slipped into the accessory position resulting in the loss of power steering and braking. Consequently the vehicle left the roadway striking the utility pole and because the key was in the accessory mode, the airbag did not deploy allowing our client’s head to contact the steering when resulting in a severe brain injury.

Documents reveal that GM had known of the ignition switch defect, but hid the safety problem for years.

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