safety is our priority

Our practice is focused on representing victims of medical malpractice, poorly designed or manufactured products, automobile liability, premises liability, insurance bad faith, and other serious personal injuries. We have developed a wealth of expertise and practice in these areas. We have been handling these types of cases for over 30 years. Our record includes numerous multimillion dollar settlements and verdicts including two of the largest verdicts to date in central Pennsylvania. These types of cases are complicated matters, requiring recognition of injuries, causes, and an in-depth knowledge of medicine, engineering, and the insurance industry. They also require substantial up-front investments of time and money on your behalf. We are staffed, trained, and equipped to handle all aspects of your case.

How We will Proceed in Your Case
Our relationship begins when you contact us. We will obtain information from you so we can begin to determine whether you have a case. If we think your case warrants further investigation, you will be asked to sign a power of attorney authorizing us to proceed on your behalf. We will not be able to obtain pertinent information and proceed with the case without this signed authorization.

We will then conduct an initial screening to make a preliminary determination of the merits of your case. To do this, it may be necessary to obtain your medical records for review by our nurse consultant. Though you will not be charged legal fees, you may be asked to deposit funds into an escrow account to help defray the expense of obtaining these records. If, after this initial screening, the merit of your case remains unclear, an attorney will contact you to discuss having your case reviewed by an outside expert. You may be asked to deposit additional funds into the escrow account to cover the cost of this expert review. When the attorney is satisfied that we have enough information to proceed with your case, we will notify you promptly.

What You Can Expect from Us
Once we decide to take your case, we will devote our extensive resources to obtain the best result for you. We will commit the total resources of our firm to your case. You will be assigned a paralegal who will communicate with you regularly. You should not hesitate to call us when you have a question or new information.